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Our Anniversary Session

So FINALLY, I’m sitting down to post some of my favorites from mine and my husband’s anniversary session with Red Fly Studio. We did this session on our actual anniversary, February 23. These pictures are so special to us, and I love them so much I think I have looked at them over 100 times.

About seven months ago I looked at Creston and said, “I know what I want for my anniversary present.” Creston was all ears at that point because anyone that knows my husband knows that his love language is gift giving. And he’s pretty good at it. 😉 I kind of always had this thought in the back of my head about getting pictures done of the two of us, but had never really thought it through until that day. Wedding photography has evolved so much just in the past seven years. And as a wedding photographer myself I have grown with the changes and to be honest never really thought too much about it. Most people that I know who got married more than five years ago don’t have a bunch of bride and groom pictures. I mean, there are a few different poses and most are inside of a church. That’s how our wedding pictures are, a few of us inside a church, a few outside..but that’s it. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my wedding pictures. I will always, always hold tight to the pictures of that day because they mean so much to us. But I decided on that day seven months ago, that I wanted to get all fancy with my hubby again and have a photo shoot, of JUST US. When I explained all of this to Creston he was actually totally cool with it! So, the planning began!

I met Molly and Cristina with Red Fly Studio in a Facebook photography group that I’m in. I have always been drawn to their pictures…their style is modern, their images are crisp, and there is just something different about them that makes their photography special to me. I knew from Facebook that we lived about three hours apart. So I contacted them to book the session, and we decided to shoot in Macon so they wouldn’t have to drive so far (it was still over two hours for them) and so that I could have my pictures taken somewhere that’s different to me. At this point, I had my photographers. So next, was a dress. =) I knew I wanted bridal-ish without looking like a bride persay. Because let’s face it, I’ve already worn a wedding gown once anyway. I reached out to some friends of mine for help finding a dress. And my friend Michele (who is also a photographer) found this GORGEOUS Badgley Mischka gown from Rent the Runway. The second I saw it I was in love, and knew it was the one!

Over the next few months I daydreamed about our anniversary session. A couple of days before, the dress came (they sent two different sizes, awesome!) and it was just as beautiful in person as it was on the website. Then Monday came and it was session day! My friend Mollie came over and did my hair and makeup. I mean, if I’m going to do a bridal type session with my honey I gotta be looking my best, right?? Mollie did an AMAZING job!! I felt like a princess. I’m not a heels kind of girl so I wore gold Tieks, which was smart because we did lots of walking around. Creston was handsome in a grey vest and pants from Men’s Wearhouse. We were finally ready for our session!

I’m so happy with our pictures! There was no way I could pick out just a few favorites…and I’m hoping I can fit as many of these in here as I’ve pulled out to show you all! Thank you so much again to Molly and Cristina with Red Fly Studio, and thank you to Mollie with Foundation Hair Studio!


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