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Mr. and Mrs. Adams

Melissa and Blake are hilarious!! And besides being able to make us laugh all day, the camera loves them! And y’all, their

Mr. and Mrs. Harden

I remember the first time Elizabeth emailed me and she said in her email she was “The future Mrs. Harden”! I knew right then

Mr. and Mrs. Humphries

I believe this is the first wedding that I’ve ever photographed when I had not met the bride or groom until the wedding day. Molly

Mr. and Mrs. Turner

Oh wait a day this was! A few days before the wedding Breanna had to make the choice to move her outside wedding, inside. The forecast was

Mr. and Mrs. Bowers

One of the coolest things about being a photographer is being able to photograph your friends and family that you love so much. I’ve

Mr. and Mrs. Hazelrig

Last spring I got on a phone call from Russell, who I had known for several years. We never talked on the phone before, so I knew he had

Mr. and Mrs. Tootle

Hope and Dylan’s wedding was a dream! The Alexander House was gorgeous, the food by The Grand Gourmet was amazing, and everyone had a

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

I don’t know how I get so lucky. Somehow all of my couples look like models. Sydney and Jason are certainly no exception! These two

Mr. and Mrs. Cochran

The rain didn’t ruin this wedding at all! It was a beautiful, bright, sunny day…except for the 20 minutes that were scheduled

Mr. and Mrs. Sharp

Emmy and Brian got married at The Greystone at Piedmont Park. It was the first really nice day of the year and Piedmont Park was filled

Favorite Wedding Images of 2014

It is always hard to pick favorites from the weddings I’ve shot over the year. This is just a teeny tiny sample of my most favorite